Tuesday, March 8, 2011


People say Beauty lies. People say Beauty is deceptive. But that's neither entirely fair nor entirely true-Beauty only says what it says, the only thing it can say. Beauty is like a Pokemon. Or like a fact of nature.
   It's not beauty that deceives, but people. Especially people with an agenda. 

   Lots of people loathe or distrust beauty because it's used so often by people with an agenda. I do too, sometimes, but other times I feel bad for Beauty. It's not Beauty's fault. Capitalist consumerism didn't invent beauty, they just whored it out, like they do with every other human experience. 
     Just because they've commodified it doesn't mean you can't get it for free, too.


  1. i feel for the people who miss so much beautiful because they only know it in the context of being told what beautiful is.

  2. I have this conversation with Malia a lot. I have an equal-but-opposite prblem where i miss out on a lot of what is beautiful because my critique of beauty's uses is so firmly entrenched. I can't look at any media without analyzing the shit out of it. It's a self-defense mechanism, but it would also be nice to just look at the photo of the lady drinking wine with the big nose and just appreciate her. That's a privilege i'll enjoy when we live in a different kind of world.